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Biodegradable Leaf Bags

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FALL Curbside Leaf Pickup

The City of Portland provides 4 weeks of curbside collection of Leaves, Grass & Yard Waste in the Fall.
  • Please check back in the Fall to view the 2017 Leaf Bag Colection Schedule
Each fall, the City of Portland will provide a curbside leaf pickup program. Just place your leaves out on the curb on your normal trash pickup day between the dates listed above.
Important: The leaves must be in the large, paper biodegradable leaf bags that can be purchased at most hardware stores.

Drop Off Location

The City of Portland allows residents to drop off their bagged yard waste at Riverside Recycling Facility. The remote locations have been closed. This includes green and brown waste such as grass clippings, garden waste and leaves. Please be prepared to show a Riverside Recycling Facility E-Card to the attendant. If you do not have an E-Card, you will be required to pay. Also note, all bags of leaves must be emptied at Riverside Recycling Facility

E-Card Holders

E-Card holders may dispose of yard waste and brush at no charge as part of their annual 10 cubic yard allowance.

  • All material brought directly to Riverside will be charged as a bulky item on your E-Card.
  • Save E-Card usage by taking advantage of the City’s Curbside Leaf & Yard Waste collection!

Don’t Just Dump It!  

Are you thinking: It’s just leaves and grass, who’s going to care? Think again.

Dumping leaves and grass into drainage ditches, brooks, or wetlands can cause flooding, smother the vegetation that stabilizes stream banks, and contribute to water pollution. And it’s illegal to boot! So be eco-friendly and either compost that yard waste or bring it on out to the Riverside Recycling Facility. Our streams and wetlands thank you!