Minority Health Program

The Minority Health Program (MHP) addresses the health issues and needs of all minority communities in Cumberland County. MHP links people to needed health and social services and improves community health status through Community Health Outreach Workers (CHOWs) and clinical partnerships.
The Minority Populations Served include the following racial, ethnic, and language groups:
  • African American
  • Arabic
  • Chinese
  • Farsi
  • French
  • Khmer
  • Nuer
  • Russian
  • Serbian / Croatian
  • Somali
  • Spanish
  • Swahili
  • Vietnamese


MHP’s vision of a healthy community is one where:
  • Diversity within the community is respected and valued by community members and institutions.
  • Everyone has access to quality health and social services.
  • Everyone has access to resources and conditions required for a healthy lifestyle.
  • Institutions and policy makers are responsive to community residents.
  • The assets and gifts of community residents are acknowledged and shared.
  • Work is conducted in partnership with community organizations and service providers to identify and address health priorities of minority communities.


MHP’s mission is to:
  • Develop and provide evidenced-based public health practices with services that enhance access to quality and affordable health care to improve the well-being of minority communities in Cumberland County.
  • Identify, evaluate, and respond to community needs through innovative services.
  • Encourage community-clinical collaborations and partnerships through leadership and advocacy.
  • Promote quality of care and best practices in our community by providing consultation, education, and training.
  • Promote quality of care and best practices in our hospitals and clinics by providing consultation, education, and training.


MHP’s objectives are to:
  • Improve minority community health at the community, family, and individual levels.
  • Increase capacity of community groups to establish health and well-being priorities and to implement a locally defined community health agenda.
  • Strengthen informal and formal social networks and sense of community focusing on the strengths and assets of the Cumberland’s racial, ethnic, and language groups.
  • Ensure that institutions, including the Public Health Division, are more accessible and responsive to the community interests by building an integrated channel of information through the establishment of a network of community health outreach workers.
  • Active participation in health policy forums, health plans, task forces, workgroups / committees on issues to improve the health for minority groups.

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