City of Portland Trash Bags

As of Monday, July 1, 2019, the cost of the City of Portland purple trash bags will be the following rates : $1.50 per 15 gallon bag or $3.00 per 30 gallon bag.

Residents and retailers should call WasteZero at 
1-800-866-3954 for manufacturing concerns such as defective bags and/or retail ordering.

 The City Council approved the increase in the trash bag fee as part of its approval of the FY16 $225 million municipal budget on June 25. The Council approved increases in revenues from non-tax sources to help offset the costs of the solid waste collection program, and any impact to the property tax rate. These increases also ensure that fees for City services, licenses, and permits are competitive with fees charged in other local jurisdictions. The Portland trash bag fee had not increased in five years and was significantly lower than surrounding communities.

City Trash Bag Vendors