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  1. Environmental Performance

    Portland is leading by example with its environmental and energy program. Learn more about Portland's efforts in energy conservation, environmental performance, reducing its dependence on fossil fuels.

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  2. Climate Action

    Portland is leading in its efforts to reduce its impact on Climate Change through mitigation efforts such as reducing its greenhouse gas emissions and preparing for climate change through adaptation (a.k.a. resiliency). Learn more about what Portland is doing.

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  3. Climate Adaptation

    Portland is being proactive with regard to planning for the future. Sea level rise and potential climate change impacts such as greater, more frequent, and more intense rainfall events are included in the consideration of public projects. Learn more about Portland's efforts.

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  4. Food Systems

    Portland supports a host of initiatives to improve the health and sustainability of the food system that support our community such as composting programs, community gardens, farmer's markets, and increasing access to healthier food at school, in neighborhoods, and at other community locations.

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  5. Green Packaging

    Information about Portland's shopping bag fee and polystyrene and foam packaging ban.

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  6. Waste Reduction

    Portland has a pay-as-you-throw municipal waste reduction program. This program charges a per bag fee for residential and some commercial waste. Portland's recycling program is single sort and free at the curb and at some collection locations throughout the city. Backyard and curbside collected composting is encouraged.

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  7. Parks and Open Space

    Portland has over a thousand acres of parks and open spaces filled with walking trails and natural spaces available to the public. Explore what Portland's parks and open spaces have to offer you.

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  8. Solid Waste Task Force Report 2011

    Solid Waste Task Force Report 2011

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  9. Stormwater Service Charge

    The stormwater service charge, which goes into effect January 1, 2016, is about valuing stormwater and therefore more equitably and fairly paying for sewer and stormwater costs. Instituting a stormwater charge more fairly and equitably distributes costs among the users of the sewer and stormwater systems.

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