Fire Prevention Bureau

The Fire Prevention Bureau is responsible for supervision of fire company safety inspections, economic development review, plans review, fire permit and building permit inspections, and for enforcing Chapter 10 - Fire Prevention and Protection of the Portland City Code and Portland Fire Dept Rules & Regulations.

Authorized strength of the Fire Prevention Bureau consists of the Division Fire Chief and two Fire Captains. The Bureau is responsible for overseeing fire investigations, which are performed by members of the fire department, reports are available upon request. Additional duties include:

  • Commercial and residential inspections 
  • Permitting approval for fire alarm and fire suppression systems
  • Special event approval and coordination
Message from Unitil regarding Merrimack Valley:

"In the days following the gas event in the Merrimack Valley, we have had inquiries from some customers and municipal officials asking questions about our own gas safety practices and whether there was any impact to our own infrastructure as a result of what occurred. While the affected area is not part of our system and our technicians have confirmed that all equipment is operating safely and normally, we understand their concerns and have done our best to answer these questions. As part of that effort, we created a fact sheet to aid in answering any questions others may receive about our system. " Fact Sheet

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Silver St Fire

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